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ANC set to win all provinces except Western Cape

by Proffesor Ndawonde
on 23 Apr 2009
BuaNews Online
BuaNews Online

Election results streaming in at the Independent Electoral Commission's (IEC) results centre indicate that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) is winning the race in all provinces, except in the Western Cape.

Based on the results displayed on the leader board at the IEC, the ANC is convincingly leading in eight provinces except the Western Cape which is dominated by the Democratic Alliance (DA) with 467 143 votes, while the ANC trails with 259 906 votes.

In the North West, the ANC is currently leading with 317 441 followed by the DA with 41 154 and in third position is the Congress of the People (COPE) with 34 379 votes.

In the Northern Cape, the ruling party is leading with 108 681 votes, followed by COPE with 33 060 and the DA with 23 585.

The ANC leads overwhelmingly in Gauteng with 714 207 votes, followed by the DA with 257 307 votes and COPE with 79 168 votes.

In KwaZulu-Natal, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is behind the ANC with 181 656 while the ruling party is leading with 461 587 votes and the DA is in third position with 66 196 votes.

In Mpumalanga, the ANC dominates with 495 521 votes followed by the DA which has so far received 58 780 followed by COPE with only 16 080 votes; while in the Free State, the ruling party is leading with 250 658 votes followed by COPE with 38 301 and the DA with 37143.

The ANC is also in the lead in Limpopo with 398 566 votes, followed by Cope with 33 736 and the DA with 18 060. In the Eastern Cape, the ANC is convincingly leading with 938 717 votes followed by COPE with 174 866 votes and the DA with 156 776.

Nationally the ANC is now leading with 3 914 385 votes followed by the opposition DA with 1 083 319 and Cope is in a third position with 488 980 votes. The IFP follows with 171 683 and at the bottom of the list is the A Party with only 985 votes. - BuaNews

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