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First actions from Metro Police Task Team

by City of Cape Town
on 24 Apr 2008
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

Several actions have been taken by the Task Team headed by City Manager, Achmat Ebrahim, to improve service delivery and discipline within the Metro Police service.

All 694 officers are re-affirming their commitment to the Metro Police code of conduct and signing it. Metro Police Chief Bongani Jonas is conducting parades and communication sessions with all staff where they sign the code.

A comprehensive risk assessment for the Metro Police with corrective actions has been compiled by an external auditing firm.

With effect from 1 May, Metro Police members have to wear name badges when they are on duty. They will also undergo a physical training programme while re-training in their various competencies will be on-going.

At the same time, internal investigations and disciplinary hearings, where officers are charged with breaching the code of conduct or other rules, will be expedited.

"The signing of the one page pledge is compulsory and copies have been provided to each one of the 694 Metro Police officers," says City Manager, Achmat Ebrahim.

"The Metro Police force is currently focusing on getting the basics right in terms of discipline and proper financial and governance processes.

"However I wish to reiterate that there are no quick fixes and I appeal to all Capetonians to bear with us while we address some deep-rooted problems," says Ebrahim.

Included in the task team are the Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security, Councillor Dumisani Ximbi, chairperson of the Safety and Security Portfolio Committee, Councillor JP Smith, Mrs Heather Tager, chairperson of the Civilian Oversight Committee and Metro Police Chief, Bongani Jonas.

The task team has met three times since its establishment by the Executive Mayor on 3 April. One of its first priorities has been to re-introduce and re-affirm the code of conduct. The code deals with aspects such as the use of force, the performance of duties, confidentiality, appearance, politeness, tolerance and general conduct.

It expresses a commitment to achieve a safe and caring environment by promoting a culture of civil obedience, enforcing the City's regulations and refraining from using more force than is reasonable.

It also contains an explicit undertaking by the signatory not to 'inflict unnecessary pain or suffering, nor engage in cruel, degrading or inhumane treatment of any human or animal'.

The task team has also discussed staffing matters and how to make best use of available resources and to ensure proper management and control.


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24 APRIL 2008

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